Fueling the Fire: Tree of Knowledge

I suppose at some point it would be a good idea to explain the name of this site! The name “Áed” is actually an older form of the name Aodh. It has Indo-European origins and it is originally believed to have meant “fire”. I had an idea rattling around this auld skull of mine for a while that I wanted to pursue. The saying “From little acorns mighty oaks grow” (or some variation of this saying) is probably the best way I could describe learning at the moment. I also had this idea of learning as a fire or a burning passion. Searching through google I found this fantastic Celtic tree symbol. I used this because I felt that it was both appropriate for what I wanted this blog to say…Historical, mystical, Celtic and also because of many influences from the school which I currently work in – a mighty Oak tree is used as it’s symbol

The Áed was chosen because I felt it was important to look for some inspiration from history. It just so happens to be that this name has changed over time but it is still a name that rolls off the tongue. I hope you enjoy this blog!


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