Why “Shipping Up To Boston” would have been a bad ass ‘Sons of Liberty’ tune!

Okay so it is not a ‘Sons of Liberty’ theme song specifically, but it seems so appropriate!

“Shipping Up to Boston” unleashes an Irish trad/punk/rock sound that would get any Bostonian in the mood to thrash a boat full of Tea!

According to drummer Matt Kelly the song does not have any historical reference to the Tea Party or anything like that (pity) 😦

Kelly: “It was literally just a fragment on a piece of notebook paper, so it was just mysterious. We thought it was a cool lyric to do something with”

Although it seems they didn’t have Sam Adams in their heads, they probably had some in their blood! It still doesn’t take away from what is just a great song.

For more information on the band “Dropkick Murphys” check out their website


For more information on the “Sons of Liberty” be a good sport and check out my blog “The Sons of Liberty”


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