The Beautiful Game: Historical Football Clubs

Most modern versions of football are believed to have originated from England in the twelfth century. The game became so popular in England that the kings of that time (Henry II and Henry IV) actually banned football. They believed that football was taking away interest from the traditional sports of England, such as fencing and archery.

Evolution and the Beginnings of Standardization

Football didn’t really begin to take on any consistency of rules and boundaries until it was picked up as a sport in the seven major public schools of England in the early 1800’s.  Six of the seven schools were largely playing the same game (including Eton, Harrow and Winchester) – while the seventh, Rugby School (founded in 1567) was playing a markedly different version of football.

The other schools moved ahead refining their rules and eventually their game became known as “association football” – or soccer, which was played back then much as it is today.

Rugby School went in a different direction.  How and why the game developed differently at Rugby School appears to have been lost in history, but what is known is that by the 1830’s, running with the ball at Rugby School was in common use and 18 foot goal posts had been added with a cross-bar at 10 feet above the ground.

The inclusion of the cross-bar was accompanied by a rule that a goal could only be scored by the ball passing over the bar from a place kick or drop kick. Apparently this was done to make scoring easier from further out and also to avoid the horde of defenders standing in and blocking the mouth of the goal.

Players who were able to “touch down” the ball behind the opponents goal line were awarded a “try-at-goal” – the player would make a mark on the goal line and then walk back onto the field of play to a point where a place kick at the goal was possible (a conversion). There was also an “off-your-side” rule used to keep the teams apart.  Passing the ball forward was not allowed.

By the mid-1860s British schools and universities had taken up Rugby’s game and honored the school by giving the “new football” the name of rugby.

The game soon went trans-Atlantic to America and landed on fertile soil.

So in no particular are some of the world’s most historical football clubs



In March 1940, GoeringLGas the effects of war began to dawn on Germany, Hermann Goering announced Metallspende. This decreed that German people and institutions, including football clubs, donate metal for the war industry.

All heard, many delivered but some didn’t. The response of Magdalena Heidkamp, wife of Bayern Munich’s captain, Konrad, was to gather up what trophies Bayern had won, take them to a nearby farm and bury them.

After the war Magdalena dug them up: Bayern 1, Goering 0.

It is a story that sheds a different light on a club who otherwise seem content with their reputation for arrogant Bavarian power, and who were likened to a James Bond villain by Jurgen Klopp 

Magdalena’s story features in the new club museum at the Allianz Arena. Here, Bayern have recognised the Jewish part of their past.

In 1932, Bayern had won their first German title but with a Jewish president, coach and some Jewish players, they were shunned and dropped to 81st in the old divisional structure. In 1933, club president Kurt Landauer was interned at Dachau, from where four of his family did not return.

Almost 20 years after the war, when the modern Bundesliga was founded, the club from Munich invited to join the new league were 1860.

It took Bayern another two seasons to reach the new German top flight. This seeming uber-club, the epitome of the 21st century, insider-schmoozing, Champions League corporatism, have not always been so. The title of the museum’s 113-year-old story is: ‘A Club Less Ordinary’.

Mia San Mia – We Are Who We Are

For more about Bayern Munich, check out their website:



So Fiorentina are not the most successful club in Italy or even the oldest. You just have to admire their own personal struggles at achieving success! You also have to admire that kit! Due to the fact they are not the most successful of clubs, they are a great representative for all those clubs who every once in a while, come to surprise us all.

Associazione Calcio Fiorentina was founded in the autumn of 1926 by local noble and National Fascist Party member Luigi Ridolfi,who initiated the merger of two older Florentine clubs, CS Firenze and PG Libertas. The aim of the merger was to give Florence a strong club to rival those of the more dominant Italian Football Championship sides of the time from Northwest Italy. Also influential was the cultural revival and rediscovery of Calcio Fiorentino, an ancestor of modern football that was played by members of the Medici family.

Calico Storico Fiorentino

I can’t help but laugh at the comments people have been making after seeing GAA for the first time on Sky Sports. I mean HOW have they never heard of the game!? I am beginning to understand how they feel though. When researching La Viola’s history I was expecting to find the following:

1. Love of Florence (check)

2. Fascist backing (check)

3. Gabriel Batistuta (double check) gabriel-batistuta-biografi-lengkap

Don’t know who this guy is? We are still waiting on him to be made a FIFA Classic player!!

Anyways…I DID NOT expect to find that the city was steeped in a game much older than football: Calcio Storico Fiorentino.

What is Calcio Storico?

The Calcio Storico Fiorentino is a combination of soccerrugby and big time wrestling originated in 16th century Florence and played today in historical costume. The four teams of the historical neighborhoods of the city play against each other, first in two semi-finals and then the final match to determine the winner.

The four teams are: Santa Croce (blue), Santo Spirito(white), Santa Maria Novella (red), and San Giovanni(green).

So what is it like?? This Jason Statham quote about hurling springs to mind at this point!

This is NSFW!!

This “Calcio” game is just madness! but a sort of beautiful madness that we here at The Áed could get into (he says running for his hulk hogan t-shirt). We think we want to enter a team now!


Matches last 50 minutes and are played on a field covered in sand, doubly long as it is wide. A white line divides the field in two identical squares, and a goal net runs the width of each end.

Each team had 27 players with no expected substitutes. There are: four Datori Indietro (goalkeepers), 3 Datori Innanzi (fullbacks), 5 Sconciatori (halfbacks), 15 Innanzi o Corridori (forwards). The Capitan and Alfiere (flagbear’s) tent sits in the center of the goal net. They don’t actively participate in the game, but can referee and organize the game.

The Giudice Arbitro and 6 Segnalinee referee the match, in collaboration with the Giudice Commissario, who remains off the field. above everyone else, is the Maestro di Campo. He makes sure the runs smoothly, stepping in the reestablish order and maintain discipline in case of a fight on field.

The game stats when the “Pallaio” throws the ball to the center line, followed by the firing of a small cannon, announcing the beginning of the conflict.

From this moment on, the players try (by any means necessary) to get the ball into the opponents goal. The teams change sides with every point scored.

Here is a preview for you young Calcio wannabes! It should be said that we do not condone this type of carry on! Can I get a “ah here leave it out!”?

For more about Fiorentina AFC, check out their website


vasco da gama fc

Where on Earth are these lads from?? Well if you had done your studies, you will know that Vasco Da Gama was a Portuguese explorer who successfully sailed to India. However, Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama is is not based in either Portugal or India, but in Brazil. See the connection? No?! Then you DO HAVE TO STUDY THIS CHAPTER!

Moving along….

Vasco Da Gama was founded on August 21, 1898 by Portuguese immigrants, and it is still traditionally supported by the Portuguese community of Rio de Janeiro. It is one of the most popular clubs in Brazil, with more than 20 million supporters. Did You Know that Vasco Da Gama was originally a rowing club!

On August 21, 1898 in a room of the Sons of Talma Dramatic Society, with 62 members (mostly Portuguese immigrants), the Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama (Vasco da Gama Rowing Club) was born. Inspired by the celebrations of the 4th centenary of the first sail from Europe to India, the founders chose the name of the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama to baptise the new club.

We would pick Romário as the stand out Vasco legend but we can’t deny Juninho this thundering effort. We all know Brazilian keepers are better outfielders any day! Our sympathies to him cos’ he was just another Juninho free kick victim!

For more on these chaps have a looksie here:


notts county

I bet you are thinking to yourself..NOTTS COUNTY…REALLY??

Well we haven’t lost the plot here, in fact, we have never been so surprised ourselves when we first heard the story. Kids, gather around and listen to a truly great fact!!

So as you now is England’s game. So who are the original players?

  1. Notts County Football Club (often known as Notts or County or by their nickname The Magpies) is a professional football club based in Nottingham, England. Formed on 28 November 1862, Notts County are the oldest football team in the world to currently play at a professional level.
  2. That’s when you chant about Gerrard slipping and Chelsea not having any “history”, just remember, there is a small team in Nottingham who have a lot to say about themselves! “Come on you Magpies”!!

But this small team’s history gets even better! Pop Quiz: What do the oldest professional football team in the world have in common with “The Old Lady” (Juventus) of football? Answer: Team colours.

In 1903 an English man named John Savage was living in Turin. He was playing with the newly formed Juventus football club. Juventus’ colours at the time were pink, hence why you see them rocking out an ultra pink kit a times. However, due to overwashing the kit, the dye began to fade. Savage was asked if he knew people in England that could supply a kit, so he contacted a friends in Nottingham who just so happened to be Notts County fans. A set of black and white striped jerseys (Notts County colours) were dispatched to Juventus who adopted these colours as their own, believing them to be aggressive and powerful.

So there you have it, the oldest football club in the world rocks a pretty big history! On a side note, we are in awe of Juventus when it comes to football! Everything about them oozes class. Class city, class food and of course..class players.



You can’t see me but I’m applauding this man right I think you should too!

Regardless of how cool that man is…we are holding Notts County as our “away days” team!

For more information on Notts County:



You just have to take one look at the crest of the kit to see how much pride Roma take in their history. Yes, the ancient Roman origin story of Romulus and Remus being nursed by the shewolf is the centre of Roma’s values as a football club: “Forza Roma, Forza Lupi“: “Come on Roma, Come on Wolves“. If you just translate the word “Forza” to English, you get the word “strength”, like that shown of the brothers to overcome their initial struggles, and for Romulus to kill Remus and build one of the greatest Empires in history.

Roma have a fierce rivalry with cross town neighbors SS Lazio. Another interesting fact about Roma’s kit is it’s colour. The official colours of the city of Rome are red and yellow, much like AS Roma. However, Lazio were formed before Roma and opted for a blue and white kit with an eagle symbol. This was in honor of the colours of Greece, (founders of the Olympic Games) and to the Greek God Zeus (Eagle)


It’s unsurprising that things between these clubs get pretty heated! We won’t go into the violence behind this rivalry but we cannot mention Roma/Lazio without talking about Roma legend Francesco Totti. totti

This guy really knows how to stir a rivalry. It seems every time Totti plays against Lazio, he sticks the boot in with personalized t-shirt messages such as these!

totti delay
Sorry for the Delay
totti purge
I have purged you again !!!

What a Pro! 😀

For more information on Roma check this out:


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