What’s it like to be a Knight?

It’s probably no secret at this point that we are huge fans of Monty Pythons and this scene from their Movie “The Holy Grail” is just hilarious. Hats off to John Cleese who behaved like a true Knight in the face of overwhelming odds!

But on a more serious note, what was it like to be a Knight? (*he says while wielding a sword!)

The Knights fought for the king or baron, kind of like their personal guard in a way. The Knights were the tanks of the Middle Ages, heavily armored, slow, feared, and packed a mean punch!!. Not everyone could be a knight, and it took a very long time to become one. Those training to be a knight were the sons of lords or other knights. Automatically rules out a lot of destined soldiers. (Ah, it’s always the same, it’s all who you know, not what you know!)

Those who were privileged enough went through this regime to becoming a Knight (begin Rocky training music):

1. Page: Training began at the age of 7. He was fostered by another Lord and went to live in his castle, where he learned good manners(chivalry) and helped the lady of the castle.

2. Squire: At 14 serious training for fighting began. He helped his Lord dress for Joists and battles. He practiced archery and took horse riding lessons.

3. Knighthood: At 21 he was ready to be dubbed a knight. He spent the night before in prayer. During the ceremony he was dressed in full armour. He knelt before his Lord and the Lord struck him with the flat part of the sword on the shoulder and said “Arise Sir –” He was now ready to fight for his Lord or king.

Chivalry you say?

The Knights had to make vows to:

1. Be truthful, generous and loyal

2. Be courteous to the poor

3. Protect women and children

So there you go…14 years of training to be a Knight…but it had it’s perks! The only thing left to say is that for all you wannabee Knights out there..remember the unwritten code of Knighthood….

bretheren wenches

oh!, and be searching through the ‘Middle Ages’ blogs while your here


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