Win a date with Scurvy Pete!

Oh he’s dead sexy!!

All jokes aside I don’t think I can offer this as a prize..I’m pretty sure Scurvy Pete is in a committed relationship!

Anyways I do think you should understand what scurvy is (it may just help you decide on Mr.Right or Mrs. Right for that matter)

The term scurvy leads us to talk very briefly about what life was like on a ship during the Age of Explorations.

Life on board ship was difficult at the best of times. These were not fun times for the sailors..there was no boat parties unfortunately!

wolf boat

There are 3 types of people on a ship… Captain (Leader) Officers (better off classes) and Sailors (poorer classes)

The captain took more sailors at the start of the voyage than needed..he did this because he knew that many of them would die!

Food was mainly dried and salted. Sailors ate ship’s biscuit – a flat loaf that was baked slowly until it was hard. Cooking was done in a firebox on deck only if the weather was suitable.

There were prayers in the morning and the evening as the sailors spent the day mending and repairing the ship, while also helping to navigate the ship. Early voyages saw sailors sleep on the deck or in the cargo hold, while later voyages saw them sleep on Hammocks which they discovered in the New World


Discipline was tough on the ship..punishment was quick and painful. Sailors could be flogged or put in chains for doing something wrong, while some would have been executed for reasons such as Mutiny (When sailors try to overthrow the Captain of the ship)

The most dangerous of all however was SCURVY!

Scurvy was a disease of sore gums, vomiting and weakness due to lack of Vitamin C which often resulted in death!.

So there you go mateys! Life on board a ship during the Explorations was not all buried treasure and pirating…it was a tough life. Fr more on scurvy check out this site:

For more about the Age of Explorations, sail on over to the topic section on this site


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