History Quiz 1

Put Your Brain to the Test and see if you are a Trivia Master! No peeking at the answers until you have answered all the questions! 😀

1. What do the letters B.C. and A.D. mean?
2. Explain what a Secondary source is.
3. What is a Primary source?
4. List two examples of pictorial sources.
5. Give some examples of written sources.
6. What exactly is an artefact?
7. What is an Archaeologist?
8. What happens during an excavation?
9. How do archaeologists find places to excavate?
10. Name a famous archaeological site.
11. What method is used to find the age of a bone fragment?
12. Describe the life of a hunter-gatherer.
13. What does the term Neolithic mean?
14. How do we know about the very first Neolithic people in Ireland
15. What types of houses did they have?
16. What tools did they use?
17. How did Neolithic people make pottery?
18. What does the word megalithic mean?
19. What was a court cairn?
20. What was a dolmen?
21. Where in Ireland would you find the most famous passage-graves?
22. What can we say about these people who built the great passage-graves?


1. Before Christ and Anno Domini.

2. A source such as a history book written by someone who has not had first-hand experience of the material in question. An example would be a book written in the year 2001 about the First World War

3. A piece of evidence that comes directly from the people we are studying.

4. Old photos and cave paintings

5. Old census returns and old newspapers

6. Artefacts are the things left behind by people in the past e.g. houses, boats, knives, cloth, tools etc….

7. Archaeologists are the people who search for and then study artefacts to help build up a picture of the lives of people long ago.

8. A large plan drawn, area divided into grids, top soil removed, digs begins using trowels and brushes

9. Sometimes with aerial photos but often by accident – e.g. when new motorways are being built as for example in the case of the M50 at Carrickmines in Dublin.

10. Wood Quay on the banks of the river Liffey – Dublin Corporation HQ was then built on the site

11. Carbon 14 dating measures the age by finding out how much carbon is left in bones etc.

12. Travelled from place to place in search of food – hunted wild animals – gathered wild berries – lived in temporary houses made of animal skin.

13. New stone age

14. Because of the excavations that have taken place at Ceide fields in Co. Mayo

15. Wooden houses with wattle and daub walls.

16. Stone axes and stone ploughs.

17. Made rolls of clay, which were then put into a large fire.

18. Large stone

19. Court cairns are megalithic monuments which were built as burial places

20. Dolmens marked burial sites and comprised of three large stones with a large capstone on top.

21. In Co. Meath at Newgrange and Knowth.

22. Many of them were skilled craftsmen and excellent builders. They must have studied the movement of the sun and stars and they certainly must have believed in an after-life.

So how did you do? Don’t worry if you didn’t get them all right…come back later and try again. If you like, why not try out other quizzes on this site!


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