History Quiz 2

Put Your Brain to the Test and see if you are a Trivia Master! No peeking at the answers until you have answered all the questions! 😀


1. Where did the Celts originally come from?
2. How do we know so much about the Celts?
3. What was a tuath?
4. What was the derbfine?
5. Why was the King so important?
6. Who were the nobles?
7. Who were the Aos Dana?
8. What did a file do?
9. How were slaves obtained?
10. What was a rath?
11. What was a crannog?
12. What type of clothing did the Celts wear?
13. What was the main food eaten by the Celts?
14. Explain what a fulachta fia was.
15. What was the role of the Druid?
16. Name a famous Celtic religious feastday?
17. What was the Celtic afterlife called?
18. What was ogham and where was it used?

1. Central Europe in an area around Southern Germany and Switzerland

2. From the writings of the Romans and from old legends passed down through the years.

3. The units into which Ireland was divided which were small kingdoms.

4. The extended family members of a ruling King in a tuath.

5. If he was a good and brave King the people of the tuath would have luck and would prosper.

6. The were the closest friends of the King. They were warriors and they also shared in the owning of the land and the great cattle herds.

7. They were the learned people in the tuath who had special skills and were highly respected. Examples – Druids, File(poets) and skilled crafts-people.

8. He was a poet and often travelled around from tuath to tuath recording the great deeds of the kings.

9. They were captured during raids on other tuaths.

10. A type of home in Celtic Ireland that was surrounded by a ditch or earthen wall. A huge number have been located all over Ireland.

11. A special dwelling built in the middle of a lake and made of wood.

12. They grew flax to make linen and also made clothes from sheep’s wool and used wild berries as dye.

13. Their main crops were oats, barley and wheat. They ate bread, porridge, cheese and butter. They drank ale and mead which was made from honey.

14. This was a special way of cooking large pieces of meat for feasts. A hole in the ground was lined with wood and filled with water. Hot stones were used to keep the water hot to cook meat wrapped in straw.

15. They were the special religious leaders who carried were in charge during religious feasts and carried out sacrifices of animals.

16. Samhain was very important. It occurred at the start of November and it was in honour of the Spirits of the Underworld.

17. Tir na nOg – a place where you would always remain young.

18. It was the first form of writing used in ancient Ireland and is to be found today on the sides of special standing stones.

So how did you do? Don’t worry if you didn’t get them all right…come back later and try again. If you like, why not try out other quizzes on this site!


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