History Quiz 3

Put Your Brain to the Test and see if you are a Trivia Master! No peeking at the answers until you have answered all the questions! 😀


1. Which two brothers in legend are supposed to have founded Rome?
2. Who was the first Emperor of Rome?
3. In the Roman army, how many men made up a Century?
4. What were some of the main weapons used by Roman soldiers?
5. Who built the roads of the Empire and why were they so important?
6. Why is the city of Pompeii of such importance?
7. Why was the Forum such an important part of Ancient Rome?
8. In a Roman house, what was the atrium?
9. What was the house of a rich person called?
10. Where did the poor people live?
11. Where did Roman children receive their education?
12. What was the most common form of clothing worn by the Romans?
13. How did the Romans get their slaves?
14. What type of work did the slaves do?
15. Who led a famous slave revolt in Ancient Rome and what happened as a result?
16. What was an aqueduct?
17. What was the most famous amphitheatre in Rome and why was it so important?
18. What took place at the Circus Maxima?
19. Who was the King of all the Roman Gods?
20. Who was the God of war?
21. What did the very first Christians do in order to avoid arrest?
22. What was the language of the Romans?
23. What two months of the year are named after Roman Emperors?

1. Romulus and Remus who were reared by a she-wolf and later decided to build a city at the spot where they were found.

2. Augustus who ruled from 27BC to 14AD

3. Eighty soldiers and it was led by a centurion who was the most experienced soldier.

4. Sword, dagger, spear, shield made of hard wood

5. The Roman soldiers built the great roads which extended to the very border of the Empire and they were of great importance both for trade and for moving the army quickly.

6. Pompeii was a city which was destroyed by a volcano from Mount Vesuvius in AD79 and archaeologists have carried out excavations there which has revealed a huge amount of information about life in Roman times.

7. The Forum was a large market-place where people met and where important temples and government buildings such as the Senate were located.

8. This was an open courtyard in the centre of the house which usually had a pool in the middle.

9. In cities they were called a domus and large houses in the countryside were called villas.

10. The majority of people lived in apartment blocks which were a few storeys high and the rented rooms were called insulae.

11. A wealthy family could send their children to school or could hire a private tutor.

12. Both men and women wore tunics. Wealthy men wore a toga which was like a large sheet draped around the body over and women wore a stola.

13. Slaves were captured as a result of wars with the enemies of the Romans.

14. Slaves worked as servants in the homes of the wealthy but also as road builders, street cleaners etc.

15. A slave called Spartacus who led a huge army of slaves. The Roman army eventually defeated them and the leaders were all crucified along the main road leading into Rome.

16. A massive system of channels built to carry water to the towns and cities in the Roman Empire. Many were underground but some were also huge arches which  are still standing today.

17. An amphitheatre was a large circular arena and the Colosseum was the most famous. Gladiator fights took place there which lasted until one of the men was killed or badly injured.

18. This arena could hold up to a quarter of a million people and great chariot races were held there. There were sharp turns and as a result there were many spectacular crashes in which competitors and their horses were often killed.

19. Jupiter

20. Mars. A soldier going off to battle might make a sacrifice to this God.

21. They led a secret life and used special underground tunnels called the catacombs to hold their religious ceremonies.

22. Latin.

23. August (in honour of Augustus) and July (after Julius)

So how did you do? Don’t worry if you didn’t get them all right…come back later and try again. If you like, why not try out other quizzes on this site!


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