What is Archaeology?

History depends on many sources – written, visual and oral. The story of people is long, and only a small part of it can be told by examining written and oral sources. This is because the arrival of man far out-dates the invention of writing, so there are much more material remains than there are written accounts. This time is usually referred to as “Prehistory” that is…the time in history before writing was invented.

These material remains that I mentioned are called Artefacts. These are man made objects such as tools, weapons, jewelry and other items left behind by people of the past.

Archaeology investigates all aspects of life – what people made, ate, drank, what type of houses they lived in and how they organised their lives.

Throughout this category we will look at how Archaeologists work. Before we go, how about a sneaky look at one tough archaeologist!

Perhaps, by far the greatest Archaeologist that ever lived (on the silver screen) is Indiana Jones…

For more on Archaeology, have a dig through the “Work of the Archaeologist” category.


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