History Quiz 2.2

Put Your Brain to the Test and see if you are a Trivia Master! No peeking at the answers until you have answered all the questions! 😀


1. What was simony
2. What was pluralism?
3. What was nepotism?
4. Explain what Indulgences were.
5. Where was Martin Luther born?
6. Why did Luther become a monk?
7. Why was Luther so unhappy as a monk?
8. Why was John Tetzel so important?
9. What were the 95 theses?
10. Why did Luther’s ideas spread so rapidly?
11. What was the importance of the Diet of Worms?
12. Why was Frederick the Wise so important?
13. How did Germany become divided after 1526?
14. What was the peace of Augsburg?
15. What were the main religious beliefs of Luther?
16. How were Luther’s beliefs different from those of the Catholic Church?
17. Where was John Calvin born?
18. What was meant by predestination?
19. What new religion did Calvin found?
20. What were some of the rules people in Geneva had to follow?
21. What did the city of Geneva become known as?
22. Why was Pope Paul III so important?
23. What were the main decisions made at the council of Trent?
24. Who were the Jesuits?
25. What was the Inquisition?
26. Why did Galileo become a victim of the Inquisition?


1. Simony was the buying and selling of positions in the Catholic church.

2. Pluralism meant holding more than one church position at the same time.

3. Nepotism meant appointing your own relations to important church jobs regardless of whether or not the person was suitable.

4. If a person who was sorry for their sins paid money to the church they would spend less time in purgatory for their sins.

5. Born in Saxony in Germany.

6. He was caught in a huge thunderstorm and promised to become a monk if he survived.

7. Luther wanted to be saved – to get into heaven – but he always felt he was a sinner  and would never be saved.

8. John Tetzel was a priest who came to sell indulgences in order to raise money to rebuild St. Peter’s basilica in Rome.

9. This was a list of 95 reasons why Luther had questions about the whole idea of selling indulgences. He nailed this poster to the door of the main church. They were translated into German and then spread all over Germany.

10. The invention of the printing press meant that his ideas could be spread much faster all over the country.

11. At the Diet (special meeting) Luther appeared before the Emperor Charles V and he refused to give up any of his ideas and defended them. He was then declared a heretic which meant he could be arrested or even killed.

12. He was the ruler of the State of Saxony and he provided Luther with a safe place to stay and while he was there for a year he translated the bible into German.

13. There were wars between different States because of religion.

14. The peace of Augsburg meant that each Prince was free to decide what religion he and his people would follow. This brought peace to Germany.

15. That a good Christian could get into heaven by faith alone and not by going on pilgrimages or fasting etc. That people could find out about God for themselves by reading the bible.

16. There would only be 2 sacraments instead of 7. There would be ministers of religion who were allowed to marry. Religious services would be in the language of the people not in Latin

17. Noyen in northern France.

18. God had decided who would go to heaven, even before people were born.

19. Calvinism. In Scotland it became known as the Presbyterian church.

20. All dancing and gambling forbidden. Everyone had to wear dark clothes. Heavy drinking was considered the work of the devil.

21. The “City of God”

22. He was the first Pope to try to reform the Catholic church to get rid of the abuses which existed at the time. He called a special Council of Church leaders to meet in a place called Trent in Italy.

23. Simony, nepotism and pluralism were forbidden. Priests had to be trained in a seminary. Also stated that BOTH faith and good works are needed in order to save your soul.

24. They were a religious order of priests set up by Ignatius Loyola of Spain. Their task was to spread the Catholic religion and to set up schools
for the young and the poor. Today they have schools all over the world.

25. It was set up by the Catholic church and in Spain it became notorious for it’s persecution of Protestants. Torture was used and many were killed, imprisoned or sent into exile.

26. He was taken before an inquisition because he put forward the theory that the earth revolved around the sun which the Catholic church refused to accept.

So how did you do? Don’t worry if you didn’t get them all right…come back later and try again. If you like, why not try out other quizzes on this site!


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