Mtv Neolithic Cribs

neo house

Very spacious rectangular hut made of timber pole frame with rocks to keep them in place

Upright timber planks act as the walls along with newly invented wattle and daub walls – very modern touch! 

Thatched straw roof made from wheat and barley. Also with reeds from river 

 All the mod-con accessories inside with stone hearth centre feature with accompanying spit.

New fancy hole in the roof called a chimney… very European!

Plenty of room around the back for newly domesticated animals. Room for 2.4 children and a dog!! WiFi and bins not included!

As you can tell, the neolithic houses were bigger than that of mesolithic times. They were built for a much more permanent purpose. The farmers were now settling down for good and abandoning their nomadic ways of life.

A good example of neolithic settlements in Ireland is Lough Gur, Co.Limerick.

lough gur

Likewise, the Céide Fields in Co.Mayo are a great example which show agricultural work from the neolithic period


Food & Family

Ireland’s first farmers created small fields surrounded by low walls. They tilled the land using mattocks (a tool used for breaking hard ground) or wooden ploughs. They gre wheat and barley which were used to make bread and porridge. The grain was ground on a saddle stone. Apart from these grains, people also got food from their animals. Pigs were killed in the winter, they fished and still hunted along with gathering berries and hazelnuts. Animal skin was still worn as clothing but by this stage they had began to spin wool taken from sheep and woven to make woolen clothes.

Tools & Weapons

Axes Cutting down trees, building houses and boats, fighting
Bows and Arrows, Spears Hunting and Fighting
Wooden and Stone Plough Tilling the Ground
Mattock and Spade Tilling the Ground
Scrapers Cleaning Skins
Bone Needles Stitching


This was an important discovery at this time. Pottery was made by hand usings rings of clay. The pots made in this way had different uses:

  • Cooking
  • Storing Food
  • Burials

Well that is all for now, be sure to check out other blogs on neolithic man!


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