Neolithic Man

Ok so this title photo is not exactly what you might call…historically accurate?… but it’s a pretty cool Banksy! Besides, Paleolithic men were more of a Nandos gang…(oh they were cheeky)

So we know that Ireland saw it’s first settlers around 7,000 BC. Around 4,000 BC a new form of settlers came to these shores in the same way as mesolithic settlers, dugout canoes and skin covered boats. These were known as Ireland’s first farmers during what we call the Neolithic Period or New Stone Age. Around 8,000 years ago, people were forced into protecting and storing their seeds from bad weather conditions. Over time, farmers in what was known as the Fertile Crescent (Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey) understood which seeds gave a better yield under what conditions. This helped them to guarantee a consistent food supply for the year. They also began taming animals such as cattle, sheep, goats and dogs. As time passed, people were able to travel and communicate with one another, spreading various ideas. This was a slow process but by 4,000 BC, these people had arrived in Ireland.

For more information on neolithic man, be a sport and head on over to my other blogs under the Neolithic Ireland category!


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