Breaking Bronze: The coming of the Bronze Age

In the words of Jesse Pinkman… “Yo Mr.White…it’s the Bronze Age *****!”

Around 2000 BC, a new group of people arrived in Ireland. They brought with them a very important invention: the first use of metal.

At first copper was used by these people but when they realised they could add tin to it…well bye bye stone..hello new metal called bronze. Slowly the Stone Age gave way to the Bronze Age as bronze tools and weapons were used instead of stone.

Bronze was…

  1. Harder wearing than stone
  2. Could be shaped more easily
  3. Had a sharper edge – much better for killing!

Copper was mined in Ireland in a number of places, for example Mount Gabriel near Schull, Co.Cork. Most of the Tin was imported from Cornwall in England

How is Bronze made?

Bronze is made by combining Copper and Tin together by a process known as smelting. The bronze was poured into moulds to make tools and weapons. Now it’s not exactly the work of Walter White, but why not have a look at this video to see just how Bronze Age people did it!

So there you go, the Stone Age people were shrugged aside as such by the coming of bronze. ‘That Mitchell and Webb Look’ puts a funny swing on just how that transition took place..have a look  🙂

For more information on the Bronze Age, why not swing by my other blogs


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