$$ Bronze Age Bling $$

As we know..mining was very important to the Bronze Age people…it was actually ESSENTIAL!! Not only was smelting done to make weapons and tools by smiths, but quite often gold was mined to make jewelry. Gold was mined in Wicklow and Tyrone. It was beaten into thin sheets and moulded to make sun discs and lunulae. As these people got better over time, they began to create much tougher designs in the form of torcs, necklaces and bracelets.

Here is a reasonable description of the evolution of jewelry in the Bronze Age

bro lun bro sun bro neckbro bra

bro torc

As you can see they got to be pretty good at moulding and shaping gold. Remember the Broighter hoard in the archaeology section..No? here is a reminder of what they could do!

irish arch

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