Mtv Bronze Age Cribs

bronze house

Situated near lakes and rivers

Countless outside toilets

Circular house 6 metre in diameter

Timber frame poles with wattle and daub plaster

Thatched roof

Smaller off path storage buildings for food or animals

Timber fence and earthen bank ditch for improved security

Not too much has changed in terms of living arrangements for the Bronze Age people. They still require water but they also began to clear large forests in the country, making way for farming and also clearing for increased population. The outside fences were built in order to protect themselves from wild animals such as bears and from rival groups that were living in Ireland at the time.


The Bronze Age people had similar habits as the neolithic people. They relied heavily on grains for porridge and bread and continued to use saddle stones. One difference which is found in their custom was the use of a new cooking method called the fulucht fiadh. This was usually found in  wet, low-lying places near rivers or streams. A hole or trough was dug in the ground and lined with flat stones and timber. Water seeped into the hole and filled it. Large stones were heated over an open fire until hot and then they were placed into the hole to boil the water. Meat was wrapped in straw and laced into the trough. Hot stones were added  to keep the water hot. Archaeologists have found thousands of pieces of evidence for these linked to this time. Some however maintain that it was not for cooking that they were used, rather as a heated bath.

ful fia


These people were mostly farmers who cleared the forests for the use of the land. They tilled the land using wooden spade and wooden ploughs with stone tips and they planted wheat and barley. Bronze sickles were used to cut the corn which was then ground. They reared cattle, goats, sheep and pigs.

bro sick

So there you go..not much changed outside of the invention of bronze. Many people assimilated into the society which was already present in the country. What I don’t get is why you would go from BBQ meat to boiled meat??! Don’t make sense!!

If you want to try and make sense out of the rest of this Age, why not check out other blogs in this category!


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