Top Podcasts

I think I have learned so much about the world from podcasts. That is everything from the current war on ISIS to what it was like to be Ray Houghton after he stuck the ball in the back of the English net! Podcasts are a great way to relax and take it all in. They are also great to take on walks during a study period!

This section is more so a link to other websites where it is possible to listen online or download podcasts to your smart phone or computer. I haven’t quite developed my own yet..which I am playing with the idea!

But for now enjoy these podcasts that I feel are really interesting and fun to listen to. You never might just learn something! 😀


These are documentaries from Ireland’s national broadcasting service RTÉ. They cover everything from culture, history, sport to health, current affairs and more.

RTÉ: The History Show

pod 2

Bringing the past to life! Discover how our world was shaped as Myles Dungan and guests explore events ranging from medieval times to the recent past

Highlights from Talking History

pod 3

Patrick Geoghegan takes a look at history of the World on Newstalk 106-108 fm

BBC World Service – Documentaries

pod 4

Have a listen through the BBC’s massive documentary archives. You are sure to find something that will peak your interest.

In Our Time History Podcast with Melvyn Bragg

pod 5

Melvyn Bragg and a panel of experts discuss major historical, cultural,religious and philosophical events in the world


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