The Coming of the Celts

Is this the point in history that Celtic Ireland has really come into being? Not really! Just in case you were wondering…the title image is for the American College Football Team called Notre Dame, aka Fighting Irish. I am not sure if people have had problems with this logo. The Washington Redskins have come under pressure from groups who feel their logo is offensive to Native Americans, so should Irish people be offended? Wouldn’t the image of a bearded “leprechaun” shrouded in green with a shamrock hat and an unmerciful urge to fight just about anyone and anything be construed as a racially offensive stereotype? Probably!..but that’s not what this is about and I promise I am getting to the point!. I wanted to ask the question of where did these Celtic people come from?. As Irish our roots are firmly grounded in Celtic history..but Ireland did not bear Celtic people in the beginning.

This period in history is now called the Iron Age. And yes! another Age…they are about as changeable as an Apple iPhone model! The Celts were are group of people that originated from 2 main areas: Hallstatt in Austria and La Téne in Switzerland. Ahhhh so we’re Swiss??! Not exactly! It must be remembered that there are really few nationalities at this point. This is because people identified themselves according to tribes rather than nationalities. It is not exactly known when these people came but a rough guess is about 400 BC. 


These people could be divided into the two periods. The Hallstatt period was believed to have come first during the Iron Age where people began to spread outwards. By the later Iron Age (La Tène period), Celts had expanded over a wide range of lands: as far west as Ireland and the Iberian Peninsula. There was no massive battle that took place in which Celts pillaged and destroyed the Bronze Age people. There is no evidence from archaeology that suggests this anyways! We will just have to assume (if we dare) that it was more a process of assimilation.

So there you go, we have established that the Irish people, even though we are Celtic; we are not exactly the original Celts. For more information on the Iron Age and Celtic culture, why not check out these sites:

Alternatively, you could be some cool cats and keep it here. Just check out what else is in the category!


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