Sports in the Middle Ages

With no electricity and no games in the Middle Ages must have been pretty boring! Well as people say “You make your own fun!” The Middle Ages was a booming time for sport and fun. Now it’s not Croker on a sunny September day with hang sandwiches and flasks of milky Tay..but here at The Áed we have put together a list of the Middle Ages best sporting events

1. Hunting

During the Middle Ages, hunting was very popular for both knights and common peasants. Participants would bring 30 falconers and 60 pairs of hunting dogs. Forests were used as the hunting grounds. Knights usually hunted foxes, deer, otters, badgers, rabbits, wolves, and boars.  Many  peasant women even hunted and kept falcons.


2. Archery matches

Archery matches, were usually arranged months in advance. Town versed town in archery matches.  The spectators usually became very excited over the matches and it was common for contests in running, jumping, cudgeling, and wrestling to be offered to the lower classmen who attended the match.. Feasts were common while watching the matches, and drunkenness commonly added to the craziness of the spectators.


3. Jousting

Jousting was probably the most famous sport and the most exciting game to the nobles and lords during the Middle Ages. The game was for two knights, both of them wore a suit of heavy armor and sat on a horse holding a long weapon.  The point of jousting was to stab the each other..  To practice their jousting skills, people often used a quintain.  A quintain was a dummy jousting target

4. Hawking

I have a hawkery, that’s where you keep hawks” – Rubberbandits

Hawking was a sport also know as falconry. Using a bird of prey they would train the bird to hunt and come back again to it’s owner

5. Chess


Chess was played by upperclassmen.  They played chess with the same pieces as us, one King, one queen, two bishops, two knights, eight pawns, and two castles

For more on Sport in the Middle Ages, this is an amazing PDF of games:


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