Stress, Learning & Why You Love Gaming!

Dr. Judy Willis is an authority on brain research regarding learning and the brain. With the unique background as both a neurologist and classroom teacher, she writes extensively for professional educational journals and has written six books about applying the mind, brain, and education research to classroom teaching strategies, including an ASCD top seller, Research-Based Strategies to Ignite Student Learning.
After graduating Phi Beta Kappa as the first woman graduate from Williams College, Willis attended UCLA School of Medicine where she was awarded her medical degree.
She remained at UCLA and completed a medical residency and neurology residency, including chief residency. She practiced neurology for 15 years before returning to university to obtain her teaching credential and master’s of education from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She then taught in elementary and middle school for 10 years.

We have all been there I’m afraid with stressing out over a game! Some take it better than others though!

Sincere thanks to my colleague Ian Mulcahy. Ian is currently working towards a PhD in University College Cork. His topic: “How a deeper understanding of mind, brain and education can impact teaching and learning” focuses on how the mind and brain works and how it’s study can effectively improve the learning process. Many thanks again Ian for this contribution!

For more about how the brain works, keep it here at The Áed


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