Jealousy of a State: How the Renaissance was caused (2 of 5)

You know how they say

“Jealousy gets you nowhere”

…….well if it was the Renaissance…it GOT YOU SOMEWHERE!

Italy during the Renaissance was not 1 whole country, this only happened many many years later!

Italy during this time was actually split into separate city states with their own ruler. Have a look at the map here

italian states

There were many different states who’s alliances and enemies changed throughout the Renaissance. Borders were shaped by war but one thing always remained the same, rulers ambition for glory! States such as the “Kingdom of Naples”, “Republic of Venice” and “Florence” were usually the ‘Big Players’ while the “Papal States” held a ‘trump card’….seat of the Pope!

So what did this mean for the Renaissance?

The fact that each state had a ruler, egotism began to set in. Rulers always had a way of ‘getting one over’ on each other during this time. Many of them would compete with each other to see who could build the finest Cathedral or claim the finest artists in all the land. This competition while unhealthy in some cases, actually spurred rulers on to invest in better masons, artists, engineers etc. so that they may claim themselves to be the most enlightened ruler of the Renaissance. This competition therefore pushed people to the limits and rewarded the entire world with endless masterpieces and inventions.

So there you go…a bit of jealousy brought the world a long way.

For more on the Renaissance, don’t be jelly and read more blogs!


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