Printing Press: How the Renaissance was caused (5 of 5)

Writing a book is so easy today with all our advances in technology…I mean…Kim Kardashian has a book! Although to be fair…it’s a pop up picture book!

Way back when…all manuscripts were hand written! Yeah..if you think taking notes in class was difficult…imagine what it was like for a scholar!

All that changed however when a man name Johannes Gutenberg came up with a rather clever invention: the Printing Press.

printing press


This now meant that manuscripts only needed to be written once and the printing press would print hundreds of copies! more writers cramp! This was also handy because remember all those scholars who got out of dodge (Constantinople) when it all hit the fan with the Ottomans? They brought books…lots of books! This helped spread the knowledge across Europe!

So there you go…the printing press was the final piece of the puzzle with regards the causes of the Renaissance.

For more on the Renaissance, you know what to do!


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