Rome Strikes Back: How the Renaissance was caused (1 of 5)

Rome: Renaissance……I AM YOUR FATHER!

(*cough ugh ugh ugh) Lads my throat is killing me!

Oh I don’t think James Earl Jones would have said it half as cool for some reason!

Anyways…the Renaissance as you may know was started in Italy. There are many reasons for it starting here. Here, we will look at why Ancient Roman ruins was a cause. The force is strong with this one!

Throughout Italy you will even see today many ancient ruins. During the renaissance they may have even been in better condition than they are today! The renaissance as you also may know means ‘rebirth’. For the people of the renaissance, they would have been looking at all of these ideas and ruins left behind by the Romans. The Roman Empire was one of the biggest and wealthiest Empires known in history. Such ruins would have served as a source of inspiration for people. A reminder of what their past was like…glorious!

Ancient Roman ruins therefore inspired people to take on massive projects in an attempt to recreate cities like Rome (with their own new twists of course!). This meant people re-examined Roman art, architecture, science, medicine and much more!

roman ruin

So there you go…1 reason for the Renaissance beginning in Italy was Ancient ruins from the Roman Empire!

For more on the Renaissance, you know where to keep it!………keep it here!!!


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