Wealthy Rulers: How the Renaissance was caused (3 of 5)


Oh if I had a little money….I would spend it all on pointless stuff!

So as you may already know Italian jealousy actually did some good for the Renaissance!

During the Middle Ages Italy was at the centre of the trading game! The fact that Italy is only connected at the north allowed many large ports to be constructed. These ports made an incredible amount of money for states. Italian merchants brought silks and spices from Asia and sold them to northern Europeans. Italian merchants became so wealthy that they were able to use this money to become patrons of the arts. Patrons were people who paid artists, architects and engineers etc. to work for them and help create magnificent masterpieces to put on display in their city.

Many of these patrons also used their money to gain political influence. Such wealthy merchants turned rulers were the Medici family of Florence. These bankers were one of the most ruthless families ever in power! They are also responsible however, for making Florence one of the most beautiful cities in the world thanks to their patronage

medici family

I’d imagine dealing with a Medici about money would go something like this! 😦

For more on the Renaissance..keep it here!


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