What was the Renaissance?

Out of the miserable existence that was the Middle Ages comes something shiny and new ! With all the ideas of a modern philosopher and tools of a Space Age engineer, this is a RENAISSANCE people!!

So what exactly was the “Renaissance” anyway?

Here at The Áed we aim to tackle this question. So throw on the thinking hats…..here we go!

The word “Renaissance” actually means ‘Rebirth’ or ‘Revival’ which makes us believe that there must have been something before it! Do you remember the Roman Empire that collapsed? or the Ancient Greek’s ideas? When the Empire fell people forgot about all they had learned and then came the Dark Ages followed by the Middle Ages.

The Renaissance was the rebirth of the ideas that were formed by Ancient Greeks and Romans. This began in Italy in the 14th Century and spread throughout Europe. Scholars had once again become interested in Greek and Roman art, engineering, architecture, science, medicine and many other things they contributed to the world!

The Renaissance created a spirit of enquiry that spread to all areas of knowledge. Some historians will say that the Renaissance was the end of the iddle Ages and the start of the modern world!

How do we know about the Renaissance?

From art, manuscripts, architecture and even food, the Renaissance is one of the most documented times in history. This is because of many new inventions and a meteoric rise in learning,communicating,trading and documenting work!

For more on why the Renaissance began in Italy and other Renaissance blogs, keep it here at The Áed!


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