Changes in Architecture & Sculpture

Not only did art experience changes but there were also big changes in architecture and sculpture! Here we will examine those changes!


Medieval Architecture

Medieval buildings were built in Gothic style of architecture, with pointed arches over doors and windows, flying buttresses and spires.

gothic architecture

Renaissance Architecture

Renaissance architects follow the Roman style of architecture. They used domes and rounded arches. Features of renaissance architecture also included columns!

renaissance architecture


Medieval Sculpture

Medieval sculpture had a religious theme. The sculptures were usually part of a building and the figures lacked feeling. Note how the figures are a mirror of themselves on the left and right. Also note how the figures lack real expression of feeling.

medieval sculpture

Renaissance Sculpture

Renaissance sculpture was much more realistic. Sculptors took great care in including the detail of bones and muscles. They also spent a great deal of time capturing expression. Note how Carpeaux’s sculpture is full of detail

Renaissance sculpture
Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux

So there you have it, there were big changes in architecture and sculpture in the Renaissance. Everything became more realistic!

For more information on Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, why not check out this:

For more information on the Renaissance, why not keep it here!


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