Why Did Exploration occur?: Renaissance Influence (1 of 5)

How much more could the Renaissance have done for the world? A lot it seemed!

The Renaissance brought with it the culture of investigation and exploration. New ideas and technology paved the way for people to look beyond their own cities. The Renaissance spirit led many Europeans to explore the world beyond their borders; and WHAT A RESULT THAT WAS!!

This influence led Europeans to begin what we call today, The Age of Explorations; an Age which redefined the world map and filled European coffers! (Treasure Chests)

For a really great and detailed mindmap of this period in history, why not check this out: https://www.goconqr.com/en/p/854760-the-age-of-exploration-and-discovery-mind_maps


So there you go, the Renaissance left a long impact on the world. It’s idea of discovery led Europeans to explore the world around them

For more on the Age of Explorations, why not sail on over to my other blogs! You get it?…sail…..:( …(sorry)


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