Why Did Explorations Occur?: Fame for Explorers (3 of 5)

A bit harsh on Dora I feel but her ego is too big! She is not the famous explorer she claims to be!

Nobody is crazy for Dora like Crazy Steve!

After the Spanish and the Portuguese decided that enough was enough with this Italian-Arab monopoly, they began mapping out potential new routes. With these routes, they began to focus on how to get to Asia by water. Therefore they needed new ships and explorers.

These exploration voyages were incredibly dangerous however, remember the sea monsters and the flat earth theories? Well they were still believed to an extent and many explorers often didn’t take on such a mammoth expedition. However, many leaders did arise during this time as there was the two-pronged reward: Fame and Riches. 

Making a name for yourself was everything a man could have wanted in this time. Class was important in Europe. Therefore, names like Diaz, Magellan, Vasco Da Gama and Columbus were remembered (more on that in other blogs!).


For more on the Age of Exploration and other topics, why not keep it here!


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