Age of Exploration Rap

Who said you can’t mix straight hard gangster rap with political and cultural events unfolding in the 15th Century?

YOU CAN! Don’t be jelly!

you're jelly.jpg

Here is a education comin’ straight from the underground on some of the world’s explorers. Here at The Áed we would like to state that we do not own the rights to this song and we tip our caps to this young blood!


Stickin to the land for far too long

We gotta hit the high seas and get our explore on

Got all the tools we need thanks to our Renaissance brothers

Let’s get that gold homie

Word to your mother …Country


Now Portugal was first admit it and don’t be a hater

Props to my boy Henry the Navigator

Went sailing down the west side of Africa

We ain’t gonna stop till we hit that equator


Bartholomew Dias reached the Cape of Good Hope

He came back talking about it cuz he thought it was dope

But next dude to try it was Vasco de Gama

To the Indian Ocean he thought is was the bomba


Columbus is thinking that he can do better

Goes to Ferdinand and Isabel to get that cheddar

He thinks he can sail left and get right

He saw that Asian pie, and he wants to take a bite


Yeah, according to Polo Asia was banging & was totally hip

Everyone was wiggin’ out- they had to get a grip

On a bottle of that stuff to beat the bland prices

Forget about these ices I got to get my spices

Columbus thought he finally found the way

He said he found America and claimed it all for Spain


His boy Ponce de Leon settled St. Augustine

He never found that fountain to keep him looking clean

Cortes and Pizzaro crushed the Mexican empires

The Aztecs and the Incas couldn’t handle their attire

The Spanish looked like Gods so they aimed to please

By time they changed their minds

They had caught all that disease


If exploring is a prison those explorers are the felons

I guess the baddest inmate is a player named Magellan

He would stop for nothing, know he sailed around creation

He did a little thing called circumnavigation

Portugal claimed Brazil but they had that green eye

Dividing of the goods called for Treaty of Tordesillas

Other countries started jumping on the bandwagon

The English sent Cabot to tame that new world dragon


Sticking to the land for far too long

We gotta hit the high seas and get our explore on


By the 17th century everyone is going

We gotta colonize, fools start rowing rowing!


So there you go players! Turns out you CAN be gangster and have a vested interest in the possible ruination of an entire continent of people!



Make sure you check more blogs here at The Áed and remember to keep it Phresh and Real and (Ok I’m gonna stop now) …PEACE!


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